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Loan Pre-Application

Click on the link below to get a printable Adobe PDF version of the loan pre-application form. Print and fill it out and either fax or mail so that we can quickly determine whether you prequalify for a loan and the maximum amount:

Pre-Application Form (PDF Version)

*Note: To view the Pre-Application Form as a PDF, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have it, your Internet browser will automatically open the Adobe Acrobat Reader and display the Pre-Application form. If this does not happen, you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader free at:

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Items That Will Be Needed For Full Application

If you are pre-approved and you are ready to take the next step, you will need to be prepared to supply the following at your full loan application appointment. Note that certain circumstances may require additional documentation not listed below:

(___) Application fee of $450.00 (for appraisal, credit report, and verification costs).

(___) Fully executed receipted contract.

(___) Copies of driver's licenses and social security cards.

(___) Most recent paycheck stubs that cover a full month (with total year-to-date earnings information).

(___) W-2's for two most recent tax years.

(___) Your most recent two (2) month's bank statements on all accounts (all pages of the statements on each account) showing sufficient settlement funds and reserves.

(___) Statements of all stock and bond accounts. Copies of all retirement accounts. Copies of any U.S. bonds.

(___) Signed and dated copies of personal IRS Tax Returns, including all schedules, for two most recent tax years (non-W2 earnings only).

(___) Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet for Year-To-Date (non-W2 earnings only).

(___) Corporation and/or Partnership Tax Returns for two most recent tax years, if applicable.

(___) Divorce decrees (all pages), if applicable.

(___) Bankrupcy papers (original filing with schedules and the release), if applicable.

(___) Copies of leases on any rental properties owned, if applicable.

(___) Closing Statement (HUD-1) on all closings in the last two years (bought or sold).

(___) Last 12 months canceled checks on mortages or rentals, if applicable.

(___) Information on company relocation/agreement/policy, if applicable.

(___) DD 214/Certificate of Eligibility (VA only).

(___) Copy of Title Policy and Survey (Refinances only).

(___) Copy of Hazard Insurance declaration page (Refinances only).


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